Blogging Along

Wow! You guys have been the greatest of supporters as I have picked up this new thing of writing. I am excited about where I hope to take writing and also excited about the dayliness of my work. I think goals are important, but I also think living in the here and now matters too. So, while I know my goals are bigger than my blog and I hope my blog helps me move in that direction, I am also thankful for the opportunity to be here today. Thank you for your part in this process.

I began this process in January, it really wasn’t that long ago. Knowing very little about blogging I asked my friends on social media about the concept. I received great words of advice and encouragement. And for the most part, I have tried to stay true to those. Some of the advice I inadvertently fell away from without even realizing it. A great friend suggested keeping it shorter. I found myself frequently writing more and more. I have to get back to shorter – it’s a goal. So in that spirit – this is a thank you post and I shall keep is short.

So Thank You! Thank you to each friend who has taken a moment (or ten when I was longwinded) to read and share comments. Thank you for the encouragement and the support with your notes, reads, likes, and even messages. I have been blogging for three months – in that time I have posted 25 times… 26 now. My work has been read over 1,500 times by individuals in over 20 countries – I had no idea how global this would be when I began it. This has been a venture out of my comfort zone, and it is indeed a path I am glad I took. But this path is better because of you, without you this would just be a waste of time. Thank you for your part in helping make my dreams come true. I so appreciate each of you as you are oars in my life – if you are not sure what I mean by that check this out. I hope reading with me continues to be something special for each of you.


Published by Dr. Cindy Freer Conley

Hello Friends! I am Dr. Cindy Freer Conley, and I am so glad you are here! It is so nice to "meet" you. I am entering the world of blogging for the first time, I hope you find these readings worthwhile, helpful and entertaining. I have spent my career in one role or another of the mental health and counseling world. I have worked in private practice and in schools settings. I hold a PhD in Exceptional Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. I currently work in public education full time and adjunct part-time. I am a wife and the mother of three adult children and the grandmother of one young lady who is growing up way too fast. I didn't have all of the answers as a mother, although my kids would probably tell you I faked it often (I did). I don't have all of the answers now, but I do know so much more now than I did 27 years ago when I became a parent. I was a single mother for several years, and learned a lot about the unique struggles single parents face. I have spent time with great supports and time where I felt alone on my path - only to look up and realize I was never alone. We are all on a journey, enjoy the journey, but understand small changes on your part may make lasting impacts to someone else's journey.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Along

  1. Whoa, 1,500 views in three months isn’t something to be scoffed at. I’m glad that you’re finding your stride in the blogosphere, and I wish you many more milestones to come. Do keep sharing!


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