Joyful Journeys

I enjoy taking photographs; it is somewhat of a hobby of mine.  I have learned a great deal through my hobby.  Recently, I became aware that one of my greatest lessons was just to enjoy the moment and just to get out and about. You know, more into the world in which I live.  I think I often am so busy working towards the next moment that I failed to appreciate this one.  Have you ever looked at your life and realized you were missing out on the little things?  From time to time, I find myself pausing and realizing just that. We spend so much of our time worrying about building for tomorrow sometimes I think we forget to live for today.

Moments Matter

We have to remember that little things are important too.  The moments when we share milk and pop tarts with our kids on a slow Saturday morning or play with the dogs chasing frisbees on a summer afternoon.  We must find the beauty in our daily lives too. Good things, joyful things help guide us to the tomorrow’s we are seeking. The journey is as relevant as the destination—actually the journey is far more relevant than the destination.  How you live in the daily moments matters so much more than the status you end up with.  Working on a college degree?  Great for you!  Training for a new job? Awesome!  Planning a new move?  Wow, so much work, wish you the best on that! Planning for retirement?  Congrats! But, whatever it is you are doing remember the journey matters.  Trust me, you learn these things over seasons of your life. When you and those around you look back, those journey moments when you took time to enjoy a moment, those are the moments you will remember.

Arriving, with Joy!

I want to “arrive” whatever that means; with all that thought entails. You know, I want a decent home, nice car, good job, kids are doing well, maybe even a beach house for retirement.  Yeah!  Definitely a beach house for retirement.  But I don’t want to focus so much on the “arrival” that I forget to enjoy the daily parts of the journey. You know the moments, the school plays, the walks to the park, pushing on a swing, fishing with your kids, reading a book for a peaceful moment, playing with the dogs, building a tent out of blankets in the living room, camping out in the backyard, or playing hopscotch—wait, sorry wrong generation you guys have no idea what that is. But you get the idea. Enjoy the journey, find joy in the little things and in the people around you.  Be that person that others find joy with.  Take time to stop and smell the roses more often.  When we look back, we will all be so glad of the little moments.  Take it from someone who is still learning these lessons—go plan some daily joy for your self and your family.  It doesn’t have to be big. Often the littlest things were actually the big things. Pick a small thing and plan some fun! Appreciate yourself, your family and your world, enjoy my friend. Thank you for sharing your time with me.  Be blessed my friends.

Published by Dr. Cindy Freer Conley

Hello Friends! I am Dr. Cindy Freer Conley, and I am so glad you are here! It is so nice to "meet" you. I am entering the world of blogging for the first time, I hope you find these readings worthwhile, helpful and entertaining. I have spent my career in one role or another of the mental health and counseling world. I have worked in private practice and in schools settings. I hold a PhD in Exceptional Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. I currently work in public education full time and adjunct part-time. I am a wife and the mother of three adult children and the grandmother of one young lady who is growing up way too fast. I didn't have all of the answers as a mother, although my kids would probably tell you I faked it often (I did). I don't have all of the answers now, but I do know so much more now than I did 27 years ago when I became a parent. I was a single mother for several years, and learned a lot about the unique struggles single parents face. I have spent time with great supports and time where I felt alone on my path - only to look up and realize I was never alone. We are all on a journey, enjoy the journey, but understand small changes on your part may make lasting impacts to someone else's journey.

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