Warmer Days

I long for warmer days. Many of you will laugh at that – you see I live in Tennessee and I grew up in Nebraska. So, you would think I would be content with this bright, sunny 35 degree morning that should be near 50 by the end of the day. I can hear my Northern friends saying “are you kidding me?” And shaking you’re heads in disbelief looking out at your snow covered yards, laughing… I’m laughing with you by the way. But, alas, I am cold and I long for warmer days. It seems that I am cold all the time these days.

It is possible that my cold office contributes to my seemingly perpetual problem. The heat has been off in my office. I really don’t know when it quit working, because I am usually cold anyway. I thought maybe it was just me, but I finally decided to ask for a work order. Asking for help is not easy for me, I really need to get better at that. Anyway, back to my story, they sent a very helpful HVAC man to me. He promptly told me the heat wasn’t working, “oh and you might want to move your computer”. I had re-organized my office and my computer tower sits on my desk. Those of you that are smarter than I have already guessed this… it sat right under the thermostat control for the room. Which means the thermostat stays warm and it doesn’t know to tell the heat to come on. As a matter of fact, apparently it was telling the air to come on. I can’t imagine why I was cold. Can you? Amazing what you learn when you ask for help, isn’t it? If you are laughing at me, please feel free to laugh, you are laughing with me and not at me. I assure you I have laughed at this too. Imagine how silly I felt when Mr. HelpfulHVAC said “well, here’s your problem.” I was thankful there was also something actually wrong, and even more thankful when he fixed it.

Thank you Mr. HelpfulHVAC, but could you also help me out some more? Why am I also cold at home, in the car, basically everywhere I go? No, I really didn’t ask him that, although it might have been funny. I have found that when I sit and think about being cold I am colder. BUT when I layer up and get moving… wait still cold… well, I feel better anyway. The cold doesn’t necessarily go away, but I sure feel better when I get moving. For me, movement is good for my soul… standing, walking… sometimes you will even find me bouncing a little… just moving. Maybe that’s what Bernie needed at the inauguration, maybe he would have been warmer if he were moving too? Come to think of it… wonder if I could borrow his mittens. They are pretty popular these days. I could use them for tomorrows new adventures.

For those of you that are curious, the photo is a kaleidoscope of a photo I took in Florida recently, it was the sunrise over the Atlantic – it radiated warmth to me.

Have a great day friends – and stay warm whoever you are!

Published by Dr. Cindy Freer Conley

Hello Friends! I am Dr. Cindy Freer Conley, and I am so glad you are here! It is so nice to "meet" you. I am entering the world of blogging for the first time, I hope you find these readings worthwhile, helpful and entertaining. I have spent my career in one role or another of the mental health and counseling world. I have worked in private practice and in schools settings. I hold a PhD in Exceptional Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. I currently work in public education full time and adjunct part-time. I am a wife and the mother of three adult children and the grandmother of one young lady who is growing up way too fast. I didn't have all of the answers as a mother, although my kids would probably tell you I faked it often (I did). I don't have all of the answers now, but I do know so much more now than I did 27 years ago when I became a parent. I was a single mother for several years, and learned a lot about the unique struggles single parents face. I have spent time with great supports and time where I felt alone on my path - only to look up and realize I was never alone. We are all on a journey, enjoy the journey, but understand small changes on your part may make lasting impacts to someone else's journey.

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